Solar in India

Energy Storage: A Sector India Must Invest in For Rapid Greenification

Depleting conventional energy reserves and climate change fur to fossil fuel usage have made it a necessity to shift focus towards green energy- mainly solar. Although, reliable and green, solar energy source is not available throughout 24 hours of the day. Therefore, the merit behind investing in energy storage is as relevant as investing in …

February 13, 2019

Energy Sustainability in India Needs Resource Efficiency Policies

Continuously depleting natural resources pose a great threat to the world as its population continues to rise. Starvation, lack of energy, and important requirements to sustain life throughout the world has made it obvious that current consumption and production patterns are unsustainable, especially for energy. Management of lifecycle of resources, from their extraction to consumption …

February 1, 2019

Rising Oil Price Should Re-Focus India on Solar Energy Growth

India has made exceptional and inspiring strides towards renewable energy growth, focusing on solar Power. However, the country is still one of the largest (3rd) oil consumers in the world, consuming 4.69/million barrels per day, having a 4.8% share of the world’s total oil consumption. It is expected that China and India will account for …

January 22, 2019

‘Make in India’ Can Transform the Country through Subtle Policy Realignment

Make in India, announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi brought forward an initiative focused towards manufacturing, promising- manufacturing growth, new investment, job creation, and economic revolution for India. The initiative worked as expected- bringing revenue, initiating technological growth and industrial development in solar power sector. New and lucrative sectors like solar energy in …

December 19, 2018

Why Rural India is Still Burning Kerosene Instead of Busking in Solar?

India’s focus on solarisation has given birth to a new hope for an energy rich country, where there is power for all. This hope promises to change the functionalities of the inner mechanisms of the country, initiating socio-economic growth. However, the only way to make solarisation a success is to involve the entire country and …

October 8, 2018

New RPO Target Can Increase Solar Adoption But Only With Boosted Efforts

Government of India has made incredible strides in speeding up solar energy growth. Country’s recent initiative to revise the renewable purchase obligation (RPO) goals for up to FY 2012-22 is expected to improve solar panels adoption scenario. For FY19-20, solar electricity RPO is set at 7.25% and for FY20-21 solar RPO is set at 10.50%. …

August 23, 2018

Solar water pumps: strengthening the grassroots

Agriculture was the first step we took to create a new life for ourselves. It was also the first step towards forming a larger community. And agriculture is still the single largest employer in the world, sustaining the livelihood of about 40% of the world’s population. And the primary factor for successful agriculture yield – …

January 18, 2017

Solar energy policy in Tamil Nadu

This page outlines all the available funding and incentive schemes for solar energy in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, both at the Federal and State level. If you notice anything that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know via our contact page. Tamil Nadu is now the leading Indian state …

December 29, 2016

Growing under the Sun: Our Decade Long Journey on the Solar highway

The Indian solar industry is quickly turning into a $100 billion investment opportunity. It is quite hard to believe that India made the quantum leap from 825 KW in 2005 to today’s cumulative solar capacity of 8.06 GW. Continuous Government support was the key to this incredible energy transition. This growth story started in 2006, …

December 28, 2016

Delhi NCR: One of the leading solar rooftop markets

As the nation increases its efforts to switch over to renewable energy from fossil fuels, cities in India are competing for the position of the ‘first green city’. In this pursuit, a few states such as Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan have shown significant improvement in adopting solar solutions to satisfy primary energy requirements. Delhi …

November 23, 2016

Make in India: Is it winking or blinking?

Think of the Indian solar industry as a budding fruit: rich, sun-kissed, and very promising with all of its government-backed policies, funding, and initiatives. In this scenario Make in India is a safety net that assures protection and growth. By growth we especially mean in terms of domestic manufacturing capacity – because that’s the only …

November 15, 2016

Solar for the common man in India: no longer a dream

Solar energy generation processes have improved in the last few decades to the point where they have become the perfect replacement for traditional, environmentally damaging energy sources. As a result, the world is seriously preparing for a rapid shift towards renewable energy – especially solar. Nations are frantically maximising energy yield and developing the next …

September 8, 2016

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