The latest updates from Vikram Solar


The latest updates from Vikram Solar



Solar Power Project Auctions Continue to Plummet in Q1 2019: Drastic Changes Needed

Indian Solar power industry has shown incredible growth, showing an inspiring trajectory of growing capacities from 5 GW in 2015 to 10 GW in 2016 to ~30 GW growth in 2019. Although there is growth, we should remember that India still has to install more than 20 GW of solar energy capacity each year for …



Reasons Behind Failure of SECI’s Manufacturing Linked Solar Tenders

The Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd (SECI) has taken multiple initiatives to support and uphold Indian solar power industry and its priorities. However, its recent actions, mainly the 10 GW capacity solar project tender that came with a mandate to set up a 5 GW of manufacturing facility to win the privilege of bidding …



CPSU Scheme and Its Impact on Domestic Solar Firms

The existing 1,000 megawatts (MW) central public sector undertaking (CPSU) scheme under the National Solar Mission (NSM) has recently been extended by The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), raising the total approved capacity under the scheme 12 GW. Additionally, we need to highlight that CCEA’s INR 8,580 crore approval for viability gap funding to …



Why States in India should Follow Karnataka to Facilitate Renewable energy Revolution

With India consistently taking charge in building a sustainable energy infrastructure, it is clear that the future of the country is bright. However, to assess scale of growth and predict the success of countrywide green energy adoption, we need to identify progress rate state wise. States like- Telangana, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat …



Pssst: Cheat Sheet for Career Growth

What you wish someone had told you before you started your first job! By Ms. Neha Agrawal, Head of Corporate Strategy and Support Services   Picking your career is one of the most important decisions of your life. And, your actions at the very beginning of your career determine your growth and success in the …



Sunny Side Up- India has All the Opportunities for Green Energy Shift

The year 2019 has started with huge opportunities for solar in India, highlighting 10 GW to 15 GW new capacity additions in the renewable energy sector giving solar majority in this contribution by the end of 2019. Expected growth in utility-scale solar and Indian Government’s recent decision to focus on rooftop solar development will also …



Utilizing Solar Energy for Medical Sector: Lessons India Needs to Follow

For obvious reasons the healthcare industry worldwide requires an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Although, globally we have made great strides in harnessing and utilizing energy, still more than 1 billion people (worldwide) are currently living without electricity. And interruptions in energy supply in developing countries, have created an enormous challenge for the health care industry. …



What Second Phase of Rooftop Solar Power Program Holds and Sector Scenario

Recently, President of India launched 2nd phase of grid-connected rooftop solar energy photovoltaic (PV) program, which is a promising news indeed. According to the plan, 38 GW of rooftop solar power capacity will be targeted for installation. Government has also announced support to provide ₹118.14 billion financial assistance to promote this initiative, which will surely …



Climate Change and Solar Industry Relation and Revelations

In the last 130 years, fossil fuel extraction and consumption has led to increase of global temperature. Daily CO2 emission levels stand at 406.47 ppm (parts per million globally) and with population increasing (7.7 bn in 2019), pollution: which is causing climate change will surely show much severe results in the near future. Research shows …



Collaboration of Nations: The Only Way to Combat Climate Change

Our fossil fuel generation and consumption have led to critically damaging the climate. Although, the world is turning towards green energy generation, in comparison to the damage, the restoring process is quite slow. And, we are not considering completely phasing out fossil fuel. Currently, the target we have in front of us is to limit …

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