Technical Parameters to consider before going Solar

Many enterprises in a wide range of industries are lowering their overhead costs by installing solar panels for serviceable power. As they move away from traditional sources (fossil fuels) and accept renewable and clean energy sources such as solar power, enterprises not only gain a significant monetary advantage in an increasingly competitive market, but also to reduce the carbon footprint of the enterprise.

Regardless of the reason – be it an attempt to be cost-effective and boosts profits for a growing SME or to generate goodwill among the customers by showcasing the commitment to sustainable energy by the board of directors of a major corporation, there are several considerations when choosing a solar energy system.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing solar panels for an enterprise –

Determine if Solar Panels Would Benefit your Enterprise

Before one can even begin the process of choosing and installing solar panels, they must determine if it is indeed beneficial for their enterprise to have a solar panel installation. Analyze the requirements and parameters before installing anything. If the required parameters are not met, it would defeat the purpose of installing the solar panels.

Consider the following parameters –

  1. Roof structure
  2. Size of the roof
  3. The direction of the roof
  4. The kind of shade it receives throughout the year

Determine the Consumption Rate

A study of the electricity bills will help one determine how much electricity the enterprise is currently consuming. If the consumption is less, a small solar energy system would suffice and vice versa. Monitor the electrical consumption carefully and set the solar harnessing plan accordingly.

Types of Solar Panel

When it comes to choosing a solar panel, these are mainly categorized into two types-

  1. Monocrystalline – which has a blackish tinge
  2. Multi-crystalline – which has an overall bluish hue, with the shades of blue differing from cell to cell.

One must examine each option carefully by measuring each solar panel’s efficiency to determine which solar power would better benefit the enterprise.

Cost of the Setup

Determine how much it would cost the enterprise to purchase and install the entire solar set up. The more powerful the panel is, the more expensive it would be per panel. Solar panels help in reducing the dependency of the enterprise on electricity from the solar power grid, which helps in saving money in the long run. Set aside a budget, request the solar panel companies in India to outline all the possible options for the enterprise and get several quotes from various solar companies so that one can have an understanding about the available options. Make sure to choose a solar panel system that is best suited for the enterprise instead of opting for the popular ones.

Warranty Details

Generally, solar panels can last up to 27 years* under ordinary circumstances. Make sure to purchase from a reputed supplier such as Vikram Solar, who can guarantee long-lasting performance without too many issues down the road. Get a solar set-up secured under a warranty period and remember to ask for a warranty certificate so there is a reassurance of being insured in case there is any kind of malfunction.

*Linear performance warranty provided by Vikram Solar