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GRAP: A Right Step towards Pollution Control and Sustainability

October 15th the enforcement of the third year of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) in and around Delhi and its neighbouring areas (Delhi-NCR). As part of GRAP, the Union Environment Ministry has announced a ban on the non-essential use of Diesel Generators in Delhi-NCR.  The Scenario The degrading air quality has led Delhi-NCR area to …

This Is the Right Time to Enhance Your Roofs with Solar Plants

India is a country focused on progress. The recent initiatives, policy reforms, and growing investment towards promising sectors like Green energy testify the country’s intent. Although demand for rooftop solar has witnessed depression due to COVID-19, this is the right time to go for Rooftop solar as this industry has the capacity to reduce our …

How has solar power revolutionized the functioning of airports?

The globe is experiencing a gigantic energy crisis in this 21st century. This manifestly reflects the instantaneous requisite of sustainable and environment-friendly practices. Therefore, individuals are required to shift their dependence on renewable resources for handling their energy demands. One of the most sought-after and integral sources is solar power. Solar power yesterday and today …

Webinar On Technological Advancements of Vikram Solar Products

Understanding the merit of sustainable energy adoption comes only from comprehensive knowledge of the present and the desire to make a better, cleaner future. We at Vikram Solar understood the responsibility to shoulder the green energy revolution and have always been eager to aid in spreading knowledge and making high-quality solar modules available for your …

Taking another step in Building Sustainability

In pursuit of sustainability, Vikram Solar has taken another step forward by contributing to solar pump installations across India. Since the agriculture sector accounts for nearly 18% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and nearly 60% of India’s rural households still depend on agriculture to survive; it is fair to state that protecting and nurturing …


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