Webinar On Technological Advancements of Vikram Solar Products

Understanding the merit of sustainable energy adoption comes only from comprehensive knowledge of the present and the desire to make a better, cleaner future. We at Vikram Solar understood the responsibility to shoulder the green energy revolution and have always been eager to aid in spreading knowledge and making high-quality solar modules available for your use.

During the current crisis, we took a step forward on 9th April 2020 to get in touch with our loyal distributors to clear out the uncertainty and confusion in the industry. The primary purpose of our ‘Technological advancements of Vikram Solar Products’ webinar was to create a positive outlook for the industry by focusing on recent growth in our company and to strengthen the supplier and distributor bond.

This virtual session was a first of its kind for distributors (all over) and end-users (Resellers and Integrators) of North India. To be able to cater to our audience better, we set up the activity zone wise where our attendees got a chance to interact with our product team directly and resolve their queries. We also focused on the importance of using only high quality and high-performance solar equipment for solar projects to ensure energy reliance and security of India solar mission.

During the session, we discussed about our technological advancements, our product roadmap & quality processes & certifications & how our products are going to add value to their next immediate project at length. And during the event, we were fascinated to witness the rising interest of our industry partners. Although we expected 30-40 attendees at the session, we were proud and inspired to welcome 130 attendees, dedicated to shoulder the solar revolution and plan ahead for a brighter and sustainable future.

The positive feedback received from our customers and distributors, re-iterates the success of the event and fills us with inspiration to conduct more of these events to maintain a strong connection with our loyal distributors and eager clientele.