How has solar power revolutionized the functioning of airports?

The globe is experiencing a gigantic energy crisis in this 21st century. This manifestly reflects the instantaneous requisite of sustainable and environment-friendly practices. Therefore, individuals are required to shift their dependence on renewable resources for handling their energy demands. One of the most sought-after and integral sources is solar power. Solar power yesterday and today are fundamentally the same conception, although the technology has come an elongated way over the eras. Yes, eras. That is because solar power, in one arrangement or another, has been with us since the earth was made. Vikram Solar has employed the potential of a favorable renewable source of energy i.e. sunlight in their solar lighting solution panels being installed at several airports that aims to make solar power a feasible energy solution for all. Solar solutions can also profit a catholic array of public and private entities and one of the most sought-after places is airports.

Airports are one of the most full of activity places in the cities that experience hustle-bustle all through the day (24×7). As they have very particular lighting requirements, solar panels serve as multiple purpose gears in these areas. They add to the aesthetical feel of the space while shortening the safety and security apprehensions alongside. As solar lighting necessitates no exterior power source, installing them at the airports can work brilliantly well. It can topple the total energy consumption (from non-renewable resources) and help airport authorities with substantial monetary and also energy savings.

Airports are tremendously energy intensive regions. To alleviate the environmental influence of energy usage and to decrease their dependence on the customary fossil-based energy sources, lots of airports across the nation have installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as part of their environmental sustainability strategies. Vikram Solar, one of India’s principal solar module manufacturers and prominent rooftop solar & EPC solutions provider commissioned three novel solar plants for Airport Authority of India (AAI) in Dibrugarh, Gaya, and Gondia, advancing the company’s contribution towards solarization of airports in India. These three new projects have a collective capacity of 1165 kW (or 1.1 MW), leading Vikram Solar to have a portfolio and experience of contracting 6 solar ventures for airports (Kolkata, Calicut, Dibrugarh, Gaya, Gondia and Cochin) in India till date, with accumulative capacity amounting to more than 4 MW.