Taking another step in Building Sustainability

In pursuit of sustainability, Vikram Solar has taken another step forward by contributing to solar pump installations across India. Since the agriculture sector accounts for nearly 18% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and nearly 60% of India’s rural households still depend on agriculture to survive; it is fair to state that protecting and nurturing this sector is one of the prime directives for India.

Understanding the scenario, Vikram Solar has been continuously striving to support agriculture through sustainable irrigation along with our valued partner Mr Indranil Sanyal from West Bengal. Mr Inranil Sanyal who is a consultant of Solar Pumps associated with Vikram Solar to take a progressive step towards the adoption of solar with the help of solar pump installations across West Bengal and Odisha. Within the last 3 years, more than 300 solar water pump projects were implemented across West Bengal and Odisha. The module manufacturer and EPC contractor supplied solar modules to the Water Resource Department, Government of West Bengal for installation of 140 pumps. These solar powered pumps were installed with the objective of minor irrigation. Solar modules for 80 solar pumps were supplied to Public Health Engineering Department, Government of West Bengal, and another 80 to Zila Parishad, Odisha amounting to the successful development of sustainable irrigation through 300 projects across rural West Bengal and Odisha. Moreover, nearly 200 solar pumps with Vikram Solar Modules will be installed in World Bank Projects in the coming year.

Like in all projects albeit utility scale (200 MW for APGENCO in Andhra Pradesh, 130 MW for NTPC at Bhadla-Rajasthan, 80 MW for GIPCL at Charanka- Gujarat, 40 MW for IL& FS at Kachaliya- Madhya Pradesh), innovative projects (India’s first floating solar), or airport installations (Calicut, Kolkata, Kochi, Gaya, Gondia, Dibrugarh), Vikram Solar has always made it their business to bring what they commit to the clients: quality, performance, and customer centricity. To make these solar pump projects reflect that same brand of reliability, Vikram Solar supplied high-efficiency modules.

To satisfy the rising demand and to reach quality products to the furthest corners of the country, Vikram Solar has also developed a robust distribution network offering facilities like-

Within 24 hour dispatch

100+ available experts for personalized advice

12-15 MW of product volume availability

No minimum order value

48+ solar touchpoints covering India

Availability in 600+ regions in India

Vikram Solar’s distribution network ensures ready stocks for immediate dispatches, and after-sales support through its efficient technical team. The company’s regional warehousing capability also provides an infrastructure to feed large volumes of orders. By the end of 2020, Vikram Solar has plans to develop a much wider network of distribution for the benefit of clients.