Eligibility for CFA from MNRE

Sl NoCategoryCoverage of Buildings
1ResidentialAll types of residential buildings
2InstitutionalSchools, health institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, educational institutions (both public & private), R&D institutions etc.
3GovernmentBoth Central & State Governments buildings covering all Government offices, Government PSUs, all buildings owned by Government directly or by any Government owned societies, companies, corporations or organizations. All Panchayati Raj buildings.

Government organizations owned systems anywhere including on private, commercial and industrial organizations will also be eligible.

4Social SectorCommunity centers, welfare homes, old age homes, orphanages, common service centers, common workshops for artisans or craftsman, facilities for use of community, any other establishment for common use etc.

In (i) to (iv) above subsidy will be admissible even if the power connection is classified under industrial or commercial category. Private, commercial and industrial buildings rooftops will not be covered under this subsidy unless the solar power system is owned by a Government organization.

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