Solar power delivers better ROI- Facts and Myths

There is a rise in demand for solar energy in order to lessen the effects of climate change. If your enterprise is considering a solar energy system as an alternative option, be mindful of the correct information before going solar.

There are quite a few facts and myths about solar energy, let us distinguish between fact and myth–

Myth- Solar energy is expensive          

Fact- Over the years, solar prices have dropped enormously, making it cost competitive with other sources of power.  Solar solutions have become economical as the prices have come down by 75% in the past 7-8 years, making it cost-effective than traditional source of energy. There are also various programs, incentives, grants & rebate opportunities that minimize the cost for setting up your solar energy system. Not just that, you could even start earning from your investment in solar.


Myth- Solar power works better in hotter climates and does not work in cold snowy weather

Fact- The power output of most solar panels starts to decrease as the temperature of the solar panel goes above 25-degree centigrade, which is the optimum temperature of STC.  The study says per degree Centigrade of temperature increase will reduce the module output by 0.4-0.5% as the solar PV module has got a negative temperature coefficient.


Myth- Solar energy plants require high maintenance

Fact- Operation & maintenance in solar power is simple & hassle free, as a result, the operation & maintenance cost is almost insignificant as compared to other sources of conventional energy. Today with improved reliability of Solar Panels and Balance of Systems along with technological advancement in remote monitoring system has not only brought down the Operation & maintenance cost significantly but has also improved the performance exponentially.


Myth- Long payback time for Solar

Fact- Solar solution has a payback period of 4 years*. Then, for the next 21 years, its only positive gains. High ROI makes solar one of the smartest investment one can make.

*T&C apply


Myth- Solar energy is a costly way to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Fact- Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is just one of solar energy’s many benefits. Solar power helps your enterprise offset the impact of increased power cost, while many other forms of carbon reduction do nothing to help enterprises adjust to the impact.


Myth- Solar panels will cause damage to the roof

Fact- Solar panels help by protecting and preserving the portion of the roof they cover. In the unlikely event that the roof needs to be repaired, the solar panels can be easily removed since they aren’t directly attached to the roof.



There is a lot of information floating around about solar power, despite several myths, beliefs, criticisms and false statements, rely on facts rather than myths.