5 things to keep in mind while implementing the execution of a rooftop solar project in a timely manner

Getting solar panels installed on the roof of your enterprise is a process that takes between one to three months or more. However, the actual installation of solar panels may only take a day or two. Most of the time required to get the solar energy system up and running is spent on design, permit approval, and the final inspection of your system.

Depending on geographical location, vendor selection, and approval process, your enterprise’s solar project installation timeline may vary from the average time required.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind during the execution of a rooftop solar project

Solar Installer Selection (1–4 Weeks)

Start by looking for a solar panel manufacturers that suits the budget and expectations for reliability and service.

Licensure and Certification: Ensure the solar panel manufacturer has all the necessary licenses. Additional voluntary certifications are good indicators of quality.

Maintenance and Service: Different solar panel manufacturers will offer varying levels of coverage in the unlikely event the panels need maintenance or repair. Find out what is covered and for how long.

Experience: See how many completed projects the solar panel manufacturer has. Newer installers may be more competitive in terms of pricing or technology but might lack in product and service quality.

Once you contact the solar energy manufacturer, they can take a look at the past energy bills to determine what system size is appropriate for it.

Paperwork and Site Visits (1–2 Weeks)

After selecting a solar company and signing the paperwork for a pre-determined system size estimate, the company will arrange for a series of site visits, so that your solar panel system can be custom-designed for your enterprise. They will examine the roof to determine the best possible placement for your solar panels to maximize your electricity production year-round.

A roofing contractor will inspect the structural integrity of the roof to ensure it will stand up to the weight of a rack and solar panels along with a master electrician to take a look at the building’s wiring.

Design, Permit Submission and Approval (2–4 Weeks or Longer)

A design is drafted as the solar company gets all the necessary information. Make sure to go through the documents and understand all the nuances of the solar energy system before approving the design.

After the approval, the solar energy manufacturer will finalize all the technical documents and data and may submit the necessary permits for approval to the local planning board, giving the enterprise an estimated timeline for permit approval, which may vary from region to region

Installation (1 Week)

Once the application is approved, meaning the solar company can start the solar panel installation. The Solar energy companies in India will have an estimate for the enterprise before work begins, depending upon the size of the roof.

Inspection and Final Approval (1–2 Weeks)

After the solar panel installation is completed, it has to be approved by the electricity provider, who will also install a new meter that allows net metering of the excess electricity.

While a timeline of two months is about the average, with every region having different policies followed by a unique set of challenges during installation. However, it gives the enterprise a reliable and productive solar system that can easily produce electricity for 27 years.