Why vikram solar



Vikram Solar Limited (formerly known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in efficient PV panel manufacturing and comprehensive EPC solutions.
With an international presence in 6 continents, the company is an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution across continents.

Carrying forward the extensive manufacturing experience of the Vikram Group, Vikram Solar, since 2006, is building on a 4-decade-old success story. Vikram Solar’s annual PV module production capacity stands at 1.1 GW .

The company’s products are designed international standards of quality, reliability and performance. As a fully forward- integrated Solar EPC contractor with more than 1055 MW* of EPC Capacity, Vikram Solar deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission solar projects worldwide.


We need energy to run our lives? But at what cost. With conventional energy sources becoming more and more exorbitant, electricity bills are on a constant rise. However, solar energy isn’t impacted by such price fluctuations. A longer payback period means bigger savings. Eventually you could even be getting electricity for free!


Vikram Solar Modules are designed for excellence. They are rigorously tested and built to be durable and easy to maintain. Our superior product performance ensures that our modules generate energy you can always depend on. We even offer a 27-year linear performance warranty, 2 years more than the industry standard. savings. Eventually you could even be getting electricity for free!


Everyone has unique energy needs. That’s why Vikram Solar has a vast range of superior solar modules, designed to suit our different energy requirements, different spaces and different budgets. Our extensive range includes high-efficiency mono PERC as well as mono and polycrystalline silicon cell modules ranging from 10-385

*Solivo and Somera are available with monocrystalline PERC cells; Half-cut modules available with monocystalline PERC and polycrystalline cells


Our performance and manufacturing excellence is powered by some of the world’s most advanced technology. Our partnerships with leading Swiss, German and Japanese technology giants ensure that every module we build and every project we undertake far exceeds expectations. Our modules are subjected to rigorous testing such as PID test, Heat tests and Dump tests to ensure that they perform to the highest standards. We have even been named Top Performer in PVEL DNV-GL and modules audited by BLACK & VEATCH.