Installation Checklist

How to get solar installed

It’s a smart move for millions of homes. It’s also an important decision. As you explore installing solar panels on your roof, you will find you have many choices to make. Using this checklist puts important information in your hands that you need to know before entering into a contract to install a solar system.


Getting the most from your investment

  • Is your site suitable for solar energy? Is your roof shaded by trees or will trees grow to shade your roof later? Understand the orientation of your roof for maximum solar benefits.
  • What is the age of the roof?
  • Start with an energy audit to improve the efficiency of your home or building.

Find out your local utility’s policies on integrating and connecting solar

  • What utility fees are involved to connect to the electric grid, and to put power back on the grid?
  • How long will it take to get approval from your utility company to hook up your solar installation to the grid?

Ensuring safe installation

  • Ask your contractor for documentation showing the following:
  • Safety practices and procedures and how they will be followed.
  • Licensing, permitting, bonding, and insurance requirements of your local and/or state governments.
  • Worker training that adheres to industry standards.

Securing a fair deal

  • Look carefully at all costs and financing terms, including those that may be variable or dependon the utility company or ther factors outside of the contractor’s control.
  • Ownership terms?
  • Contact information for duration of installation process.
  • Warranties for equipment and workmanship.

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