Vishwakarma Institute of Technology & VIIT Pune, Maharashtra

Date of Commissioning -


  • Owner

    VIT & VIIT

  • Project

    160kW & 100kW grid connected Rooftop Solar Plant for VIT & VIIT respectively

  • Location

    Pune, Maharashtra

  • Module Type

    Polycrystalline - 310 Wp

  • Connection Type

    Grid connected

  • Installer


  • Rated System Power

    160kW & 100kW

  • Number of Modules


  • Space Coverage

  • Inverter

    VIT-25 kVA (6 nos.), VIIT -25 kVA (4 nos.)

  • Coordinates

    Latitude: 18.46398567N
    Longitude: 73.86828239E

  • Annual Energy Yield

    0.415 Million units for 1st year(approx.)

  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered

  • CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

    320 tonnes


Vishwakarma Institute of Technology(VIT) & Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology(VIIT), Pune, are highly commendable private institutes, which occupies a place of pride amongst the premier technical institutes of the western region of India. Established in the year 1983, financed and run by the Bansilal Ramnath Agrawal Charitable Trust, Pune, VIT/VIIT are affiliated to the University of Pune.
The Trust adopted the name ‘Vishwakarma’ with a vision to develop engineers of high calibre to become pioneers in the field of disruptive innovation.


The execution of the deliverables for VIT & VIIT involved proper structuring & planning
Working in tandem with a fully operational educational institute required stringently maintaining the health & safety of the workforce as well as the students & faculties
Getting the project approval under CFA (Central Finance Assistance) required robust documentations & backings
Engineering precision and optimization of each component was required for the shadow-free zone to accommodate the 260kW of PV installation
Optimization of working hours was done using additional deployment of manpower to ensure a strict adherence to the stipulated timeframe


The solar PV system is expected to reduce CO2 emissions to the tune of 320 tonnes annually

The cost savings per unit from the system is about K 3.08 per unit for 1st year and shall increase whilst the current electricity tariff escalates each year
Average life cycle of a solar PV system is 25 years and the payback period for this system is 5 years and 6 months