Solar power facility for JVS Export, Tamil Nadu, India

Installation of 5 MW capacity solar PV power plant

Date of Commissioning - 16.09.2013


  • Owner

    JVS Export

  • Project


  • Location

    Arappukotai, Tamil Nadu

  • Module Type

    Polycrystalline - 245-255Wp

  • Connection Type

    Grid connected

  • Installer

    Vikram Solar Limited


  • Rated System Power

    5 MW

  • Number of Modules


  • Space Coverage

    25 Acres

  • Inverter

    Solar Grid Connected Inverter: 8 nos.

  • Coordinates

    Latitude: 9˚30'23.66"N;
    Longitude: 78˚14'55.29"E

  • Annual Energy Yield

    8,397,251 kWh

  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered


  • CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

    6,717,800.8 kgs/yr


Vikram Solar was commissioned to set up a 5 MW solar power facility in Arappukotai (Tamil Nadu) for JVS Export, a leading manufacturer and exporter of home textiles. Vikram Solar was also entrusted with the responsibility of supplying solar photovoltaic modules and other associated equipment, designing the plant, procuring BOS, installation and commissioning of the facility followed by Operations and Maintenance.


The site chosen to set up the plant was in a very remote location with almost zero availability of construction power facility. The project was executed using small solar captive plants installed during the construction phase and diesel generator sets.
Also, Vikram Solar had to arrange water needed for the construction of the plant as the available underground water wasn’t suitable for construction.
The project was taken up during monsoons and the black cotton soil in the area posed as one of the greatest hindrances to build the structure of the plant when it rained.

Planning & Execution

Extensive research work & detailed feasibility study was done before the beginning of the project. It took a great team effort, immaculate planning and great execution to complete the whole project in a span of two months.
Highest efficiency poly silicon PV modules manufactured in India, best in class grid connected 630 KVA invertors built on German design and manufactured in India and 245-255Wp polycrystalline modules have been used in this Solar Power facility. The plant has got the power transformers manufactured by internationally renowned companies with Online Tab Changers (OLTC) to intelligently and accurately monitor the grid and subsequently optimize energy harvesting.


This project was a major milestone in that it was executed in a record time of 75 days from the time of receiving of order to commissioning of the project, which is itself a major achievement in the history of the solar sector in India. It is also helping preserve the non-renewable resources by generating power naturally and has immensely helped the locals of the area by generating employment for them.
This is a grid connected solar power plant using polycrystalline solar technology installed on a fixed tilt hot dip galvanized structure and is connected to 33 KV Muthuramalimgaturam Substation.