NTPC Limited, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

Case Study


NTPC Limited


50MW Ground mounted


Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

Module Type


Connection Type

Grid connected- 220/33KV Grid substation

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power


Number of Modules


Space Coverage

250 acres


Solar Grid Connected Inverter (40 nos.)


Latitude: 24.1N
Longitude: 75.8E

Annual Energy Yield

83.75 million unit(expected)

CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

80400 metric tonnes

Project USP

Three special types of MMS were established, ranging from 0° to 11°, for handling the undulating land slope.
To tackle the hurdle of land inclination, up to a measure of 11°, and the foundation of Module Mounting Structure, a special type of drilling machine (Crawler) was used, which is a first-of-its-kind usage at solar projects in India.
The execution and installation time got reduced substantially by using readymade STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) in place of a traditional brick septic tank.
Solar PV Modules with binning of 2.5Wp were used, which reduced the mismatch loss.
Solar PV Module with 4 bus bars in the DCR category was introduced by Vikram Solar. High quality MMS manufacturing was done by Vikram India, which helped the team maintain the timeline without compromising on quality.
In-house PEB design was done which helped the project team adhere to the strict quality guidelines that we follow.

Challenges & Solutions

Land Undulation: The land is undulated with an inclination of 11 degrees.
Mitigation: A special drilling machine (Crawler) was used on the undulated land. This also allowed us to achieve excellence without a single incident.

Soil and Land Strata: Soil in the area is essentially weathered rock soil and the land is quite undulated which posed a serious challenge for the project team to start the basic drilling work. Furthermore, the project engineering team had to make the site layout in such a way that the Module Mounting Structure & the PV modules could be installed in an optimum manner.
Mitigation: Variable pitch design methodology was implemented to mitigate shading losses in the undulated land.

Weather: The temperature in the region was at 40-42°C whereas during winters the temperature would drop down to 10°C.
Mitigation: To keep up with the deadline, the project team at site used to wear winter jackets during the cold season and they braved the summer with potable water which was adequately provided by us.

Local Manpower: Predominantly, local manpower was used. The team faced lots of hurdles during the initial days to get the necessary permissions from the local bodies and government authorities.
Mitigation: Understanding the situation, Team Vikram Solar acted efficiently and initiated a dialogue with all the local bodies & government authorities and subsequently, the persisting issue was mutually resolved.

Construction Power & Water: There was dearth of electricity at the construction site and there was no water storage facility in the vicinity. What aggravated the matter was that there was no permission from the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the bore well too.
Mitigation: The Team had to use Diesel Generator set for power and water from neighbouring villages to carry on uninterrupted construction work.


Expected Annual Energy Yield 83.75 million unit. The plant is also expected to reduce CO2 emissions to the tune of 80400 metric tonnes annually.