Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Pune, Maharashtra

Case Study


Kirloskar Brothers Limited




Pune, Maharashtra

Module Type

Polycrystalline- 320 Wp

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power


Number of Modules



50kVA (22 nos.), 30kVA (1no.), 20kVA (3nos.),15kVA (2 nos.)


Latitude: 17⁰04’57.67”N
Longitude: 74⁰25’09.67”E

Annual Energy Yield

1.98 million units for 1st year (approx)

CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

1845 million tonnes

Project USP

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a world-class pump manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacturing of systems for fluid management. Established in 1888, KBL is the flagship company of the $2.1 billion Kirloskar Group. KBL, a market leader, provides complete fluid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in the areas of water supply, power plants, irrigation, oil & gas and marine & defence.

Challenges & Solutions

The team had to face several impediments but they overcame each difficulty with dexterity, determination and efficacy.
Tackling limited accessibility to the roof for a 30-metre high roof with a slope angle of about 15 degrees
Developing a shadow-free roof to accommodate 1500kW of solar PV module installation
Appointing a special HSE manager to train the workers during a dearth of skilled labour force and customising special staircases to allow easy access
Deploying strict health and safety measures in a remote site with an extreme height


The solar PV system is expected to reduce CO2 emissions to the tune of 1845 million tonnes annually

The cost savings per unit from the system is about K3.68
Average life cycle of a solar PV system is 25 years and the payback period for this system is 4 years and 9 months