Jindal Aluminium, Bavihalu, Karnataka

Case Study


Jindal Aluminium Ltd.


20MW Ground mounted


Bavihalu, Karnataka

Connection Type

Grid connected by 66KV transmission line of length 5.8 km to Maykonda substation

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power


Number of Modules


Space Coverage

96.66 Acres


Solar Grid Connected Inverter (16 nos.)


Latitude: 16.9N
Longitude: 75.5E

Annual Energy Yield

38 million unit(expected)

CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

36,480 metric tonnes

Project USP

Engineering Excellence: We used Compact VCB design in place of AIS Panel; for MMS structure material, the D&E Team used steel with greater alloy percentage in order to reduce the cost.

Technical Advancement: The Designing Team of VSL incorporated MS Channel arrangement in place of conventional concrete slab in all LCR which reduced the time taken for the completion of LCR building.

Robust Process: Firstly, we focused on getting the TBOM approval from MNRE. Following the MNRE approval in January’17, we focused on getting the EDEC certificate for all material in TBOM. After which, we started focusing on delivery of material to site on time. We encountered some problems while delivering the materials at site due to some unprecedented local issues. As a result, MMS material also got delivered very late at the site. In spite of all the challenges, we still managed to timely deliver all the required materials on site. Finally, we can say that our in-depth focus on each and every stage of the project powered the team to commission the project on 31st March, 2017.

Project Monitoring: We came across a bundle of challenges during the execution stage. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the civil vendor’s work was not developing as per the planned schedule. We monitored the civil work closely and arranged for the material as well as local manpower to complete the civil work for MCR and LCR on time. On a similar note, for the MMS/AC/DC installation, we closely monitored the vendor’s work on a day-to-day basis for the timely completion of project.

O&M: Five years of O&M is in VSL scope.

Challenges & Solutions

Soil & Land Strata: The project site consisted of red soil with medium level of rocks. The main challenge in the design was that the rocks required high-end drilling machines to be engaged. There was also absence of natural drainage in and around the plant.

Mitigation: Vikram Solar’s Engineering Team designed the layout in such a way that the natural drain remained intact. However,
some tables had to be shifted because of the natural drain and rocks.

Local Manpower: It was a challenge for the EPC team to arrange for local manpower with work knowledge. Although, we offered to double the price for the workers to work at night so that we can adhere to the timeline, they were still unwilling to work during the night.
Mitigation: VSL resourced the Labour/Technician Team from Bangalore and other places including Rajasthan. They worked day and night continuously for 15 days at a go to complete and commission the project.

Construction Power and Water: Availability of power for construction was not an issue but the availability of water was, as the water level in the bore well was very low.
Mitigation: We got enormous help from our client for getting access to more than one bore-well. In addition, we arranged extra water for uninterrupted construction by bringing in water tankers as well.

Weather: Weather conditions were fairly alright for continuing with regular site work during the time of execution of the project.