Cochin International Airport, Kerala

Case Study


Cochin International Airport


100 kW


Cochin, Kerala

Module Type

Polycrystalline - 230Wp

Connection Type

Grid connected


Vikram Solar Limited

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power

100 kW

Number of Modules


Space Coverage

1000 square meters


Solar Grid Connected Inverter: 5 nos.


Latitude: 10º51'N
Longitude: 76º34'E

Annual Energy Yield

404,989.3 kWh

Number of Avg. Homes Powered

Used for administrative purpose

CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

323,991.4 kgs/yr

Project USP

Vikram Solar designed and installed a 100 kW installation at the Cochin International Airport, Cochin, Kerala, India. The projected energy production is at an estimated 405 MWh per year with a capacity of 100 Wp. For this project we have chosen our Eldora Prime Series (230 Wp).


The primary objective of this solar power project was to encourage the use of “Green” energy for critical service utilities at the Cochin International Airport. This project aimed to encourage other airports and utility services to embrace clean and green solar power and help create a sustainable environment.

Planning & Execution

Following meticulous planning and research, a 100 kW capacity solar PV power system consisting mounted solar panels to generate DC electric power has been installed at Cochin International Airport. The solar power system functions in a way that electric power generated by the solar panels is not fed directly into the utility grid. The inverters cover the direct current output from the solar array into a grid compliant AC voltage which feeds it into the utility grid system. Power evacuation is through connections with LT voltage for local or grid export.