Anmol Biscuits Limited, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Date of Commissioning -


  • Owner

    Anmol Biscuits Limited

  • Project

    400kW Rooftop Solar PV Plant

  • Location

    Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

  • Module Type

    Polycrystalline- 310 Wp

  • Connection Type

    Grid connected

  • Installer


  • Rated System Power


  • Number of Modules


  • Space Coverage

  • Inverter

    Solar Grid Connected Inverter (7nos.)

  • Coordinates

    Latitude: 20.361385 N
    Longitude: 85.754254 E

  • Annual Energy Yield

    0.574 million unit (approx)

  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered

  • CO2 savings per Annum (approx.)

    496.4 metric tonnes


Anmol Biscuits Limited is one of the leading biscuit brands in Eastern India and boasts of a well distributed channel network across India.
With factories in Kolkata and Delhi, the company has been growing exponentially with quality assurance as the essential governing principle.


During the concreting work for MMS foundation, it was arduous to get the huge quantum of reinforced concrete casting done through manual mode as it was incurring increased cost
To reduce the involvement of manual labour and to expedite the process, a RMC mixer machine was hired to ensure smooth operation even though getting such a mixer machine to that site was a challenge in itself


The solar PV system is expected to reduce CO2 emissions to the tune of 496.4 metric tonnes annually

The cost savings per unit from the system is about K1.60
Average life cycle of a solar PV system is 25 years and the payback period for this system is 5 years and 9 months