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CSR Philosophy

‘Janambhumi’ and ‘Karambhumi’

The philosophy of ‘Janambhumi’ and ‘Karambhumi’ is at the core of Vikram Solar’s CSR activities. The Company describes ‘Janambhumi’ as the place where one is born and ‘Karambhumi’ as the place where one works hard to establish self-identity. The focus is on giving back to the society – both, the ‘Janambhumi’ and the ‘Karambhumi’.

CSR Approach

With a continuous focus on the welfare of communities through education, healthcare and job creation initiatives, Vikram Solar adopts a three-pronged approach in its extensive CSR work.
  • Educating masses for the overall progress of the community
  • Undertaking activities that are within and beyond the conventional realms of CSR
  • Initiating development programmes that completely transform the community and provide them with opportunities to live a better life

Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust

Vikram Group’s welfare programs for the communities in and around Bahal in Haryana, India are steered under the aegis of Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust. The Trust is headed by Mr. H.K. Chaudhary, Chairman, Vikram Group and has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of people of Bahal.

Beginning of the CSR Journey

A community that enjoys good health, stable income, sound infrastructure and clean environment was envisioned by Mr. H.K. Chaudhary, Chairman, Vikram Group of Industries, much before the Vikram Group was born.

A socially sensitive individual, Mr. H.K. Chaudhary set out to achieve his dream of spearheading a business empire in Kolkata while upholding his vision of a healthy, content and prosperous society. Making his "Janambhumi" Bahal the centre of CSR activities, the visionary undertook extensive CSR work in Kolkata, the "Karambhumi".

Today, these values are intrinsic in every member of the Vikram family, inspiring millions to bring about a positive change.

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