SOMERA SERIES 6-144 ALL BLACK (435-465 Wp)

PV Modules


  • Effective gain of 1% of cell active area by using cylindrical tabbing wire
  • Better Tolerance to Micro Crack as higher number of busbar makes the PV modules less prone to loss in efficiency due to micro-cracks
  • Great aesthetics as all black module increases the aesthetic value of your home with a more modern design
  • Improved field reliability due to multiple contact points on the cell
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enable the module to perform better in partial shadow conditions
  • Range: 435-465 Wp with up to 20.91% efficiency
  • Half-cut cell improves the output of the module without adding much to cost, resulting in superior price performance
  • Length × Width × Height: 2118 × 1050 × 40 mm (83.38 × 41.33 × 1.57 inches)


Spec Sheet
Somera Series 6-144 All Black (MBB with M6 cell)
(435-465 Wp)
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