SOMERA P-Duplex Half-cell 144 with G1 Cell (Framed, P-Type Bifacial Module)

PV Modules

Somera P-Duplex 144 half-cell module comes with Frame design. Made with P-Type mono PERC bifacial cell and glass with transparent backsheet configuration, the module comes with a warranty up to 27 years & provides up to 15% power gain from ground facing side. The highly resistive encapsulant provides near zero PID.
Considering up to 15% bifacial gain, we can get up to 480 W power output.


  • Up to 15% power gain from ground facing side
  • Higher lifetime yield by using transparent Dupont® backsheet
  • Power output up to 480W @ 15% bifacial gain
  • Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enable the module to perform better in partial shadow conditions
  • Bifacial modules are offered with an extended up to 27-year warranty
  • Half-cell generates only half the current, lowering heat production and less hot spot, increasing module reliability
  • Certified as per latest IEC as well as UL standards


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SOMERA P-Duplex 144 (Framed, P-Type Bifacial Module)
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