SOMERA Half-Cut Cell Module (144 cell)

PV Modules


  • Reduced Power Loss- Half-cell technology reduces resistive losses in the interconnection of solar modules. Less resistance between the cells increases the power output
  • Increased Shade Tolerance- Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enables the half-cell module to perform better in partial shadow conditions. With 6 module cell strings, a half-cell module has twice as much cell-strings as a standard solar module
  • Superior Price Performance- Half-cell design improves the efficiency of a standard module, increasing the module power output without adding much to the cost
  • Less Hot Spot- One half-cell generates only half the current than that of a standard cell. So heat production declines, thus reducing the chances of a hot spot generation when one solar cell in a module cell string is shaded
  • Improved Heat Dissipation- The use of three separate, smaller junction boxes with each containing one bypass diode, reduces internal resistance and enables the new layout design for increased output


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Half-Cell Module
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