SOMERA Grand Ultima Silver 1500V Series

PV Modules


  • Efficiency up to 19.10%,Range-355-370W,10% Higher Power Output compared to industry average polycrystalline module,Extremely Narrow Power Binning Tolerance of +2.5 Wp to reduce current mismatch loss in single string,Using highly efficient Passivated Emitter Rear Contact Technology (PERC) cells resulting in Excellence Low Light and Longer Wavelength Response,Extremely Reliable Product suiting harsh environment conditions withstanding 2400Pa Wind load, 5400Pa Snow load and Dynamic Wind load,Maximum System Voltage increased to 1500VDC (IEC & UL), increased string length, low BOS cost,27 Years of Linear Performance Warranty,Certified Salt mist and Ammonia resistance,Excellent anti-PID performance,Length × Width × Height : 1955 × 991 × 40 mm (76.96 × 39.01 × 1.57 inches),3.2 mm* (0.13 inches) high transmission low iron tempered glass, AR coated (*available from April 2019)


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SOMERA Grand Ultima Silver 1500V Series
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