SOMERA Grand Ultima Plus (144 cell)

PV Modules

The new Somera Grand Plus module is manufactured with the highest precision based on the latest half-cell technology which increases the module output of up to 15 Wp per module compared to standard PV modules and boasts an efficiency of up to 21% (for 425Wp). The module have 144 half-cut G1 cell.
With 6 module cell strings, a half-cell module has twice as many cell-strings as a standard solar module.
Higher energy yield through lower cell resistance!
Half-cell Somera Grand Plus module has a higher fill factor and higher efficiency.
Indeed- Half is the new Full!


  • Superior Price Performance of half-cell improves module output
  • Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enable the module to perform better in partial shadow conditions
  • Half-cell generates only half the current, lowering heat production and less hot spot, increasing module longevity
  • Three separate junction boxes reduce internal resistance and improve heat dissipation
  • Low resistance between the cells reduces power loss, increases overall power output
  • Range- 400-425 W
  • Efficiency up to 21%
  • Length × Width × Height : 2010 × 1007 × 40mm (79.12 × 39.64 × 1.57 inches)


Spec Sheet
SOMERA Grand Ultima Plus-144 (5BB with G1 cell)
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