SOMERA Grand Ultima Max (150 cell)

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Vikram Solar's latest high-density Somera Grand Ultima Max Silver modules are made using Cell-Cleaving Technology. The new 150 mono PERC half-cut cell module is equipped with maximum power density, reducing the Balance of System components as well as the number of modules required- ultimately reducing the overall project cost and saves money. The innovative design principle minimizes shadow-loss through a series-parallel cell connection when one-half of the module is affected by shading.
Indeed- Half is the new Full!


  • Superior Price Performance of half-cell improves module output without adding much to the cost
  • Somera Grand Ultima Max Silver module leverages state-of-the-art mono PERC cell technology and the 150 half cut-cells drastically minimize the risk of potentially damaging hot spots. This results in lower heat production and a boost to the module’s longevity
  • Half-cell generates only half the current, lowering heat production and Less Hot Spot, increasing module reliability
  • The advanced encapsulant optimizes internal reflection, so more light can be harvested, generating even more power
  • Efficiency up to 20.56% (for 425Wp)
  • Outfitted with a 40mm frame, the 150 half-cell module unit maintains exceptional mechanical stability and remains the superior option for snow-load conditions
  • Utilizing three separate, smaller junction boxes reduces overall internal resistance while generating more energy- The split junction boxes diminishes internal resistance, maximizes energy output
  • Somera Grand Ultima Max Silver module is compliant with new IEC 61215:2016 guidelines


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Somera Grand Ultima Max (150 half-cell)
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