SOMERA Grand Plus- MBB-144 Cell (G1 cell)

PV Modules

Vikram Solar’s new PV module with multi-busbar cell design increases the module power output upto 5 Wp compared to its previous version. The 9 bus bas cell design have advantages like Superior Cost Benefit, Reduced Power Loss, High Reliability and Better Tolerance to micro cracks.
The Somera Series 9 Busbar module is available with mono PERC 144 half cut-cell.


  • Better Tolerance to Micro Crack as higher number of busbar makes the PV modules less prone to loss in efficiency due to micro-cracks
  • Superior price performance of half-cell improves module output without adding much to the cost
  • Design with circular cross sectional ribbons in multiple bus bar module increases the effective active area of the solar cells leading to increase in module performance by ~1% over modules made with conventional cell design
  • Improved field reliability due to multiple contact points on the cell
  • With lower internal resistance the, module power is boosted which helps in achieving lower cell to module conversion loss
  • Higher number of busbars lead to multiple contact points which reduces internal resistance


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SOMERA Grand Plus- MBB with G1 cell
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