SOLIVO Smart Grand Ultima Series


Vikram solar’s latest offering Solivo Series is a high efficiency Smart PV module series with a cutting edge optimization junction box by TIGO Energy.
Solivo modules are app-based with innovative power tracking technology that optimizes the individual modules and increases their energy yield.


Up to 30% more energy yield- Solivo modules run independently of each other, thus decreasing the effect of shading, soiling or mismatch

Increased Reliability- The optimizers monitor each module until any mismatch occurs that requires its intervention, thus increasing the efficiency and reliability of the module

Longer String Lengths- Solivo modules enable up to 30% longer string lengths by using Tigo’s UHDCore TS4 Platform technology and reduces the BOS costs

Increased Safety- Features like over-temperature protection, automatic or manual shutdown, and module-level deactivation ensure extra safety against unsafe conditions

Remote Monitoring- The system can be remotely monitored by the smart phone app and from a PC, making O&M easier

Lower O&M Costs- Performance issues can be remotely detected and diagnosed by module-level monitoring; problems can be fixed with a single truck roll by deploying the right resource at the site

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