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The latest updates from Vikram Solar



Why Global Medical Sector Needs to Opt for Green Energy & How India should Move Forward

For obvious reasons the healthcare industry worldwide requires an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Although, globally we have made great strides in harnessing and utilizing energy, still more than 1 billion people (worldwide) are currently living without electricity. And interruptions in energy supply in developing countries, have created an enormous challenge for the health care industry. …



The Future Looks Brighter as Sustainable Energy Increases Share in Global Energy Capacity

Acceptance towards Renewable energy worldwide has created an upheaval in the existing energy industry, giving sustainable energy sector more and more market share every year. Last year global Renewable energy growth was phenomenal, which showcased 171 GW of new capacity addition. Although, last year’s capacity addition was only 7.9% higher than 2017, consistent growth has …



Focus On Innovation and Quality Always Goes a Long Way

India has clearly shown intent towards adopting solar energy to bring electricity to its furthest corners. The country has taken inspiring initiatives, shouldering reformations, facilitating industrial growth, and bringing investment to support the mission to utilize sustainable energy. Also, solar power has come a long way since 1977 when solar panels were priced at $77 …



Supporting Manufacturing- Should Be Priority Area for New Government

Existing Government has understood the importance of building manufacturing scale and has left a clear mark by fostering socio-economic revolution through policy reformations and improving inner mechanisms. Initiatives like Make in India, GST, drafting National Policy on Electronics, increasing export incentives, launching phased manufacturing programme (PMP), Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme, and planning a new …



Budget 2019 Guidelines Growth But More Support Needed for Progress

Taking a pragmatic approach, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman brought forward her first budget announcement, highlighting the Government’s approach to lead India’s economy to a $5 trillion target. The primary focus of the budget was to boost infrastructure and foreign investment at a time when the economy is showing signs of slowdown. It is important for …



Rural Electrification in India Needs Solar Adoption Not Kerosene Subsidies

India aggressively moving towards solarisation has indeed opened up the opportunity for energy reliance and power for all. Government support and encourage takes credit for such rapid developments within the country that promises to initiate socio-economic growth. However, since more than 60% of the country’s population reside in the rural areas, the only way to …



Rooftop Solar Energy Scenario in India and Why It Needs More Support

The recent initiatives, policy reforms, and growing investment towards promising sectors like Green energy testify the country’s intent. However, the recent budget for 2019 has failed to provide required support to Rooftop solar power sector, which has the potential to reach electricity to the furthest corners of India and make Power for All a reality. …



How Failure in Meeting RPO Targets Has Become a Hurdle for Solar Growth

In recent years, India has shown an unprecedented growth trajectory adding huge solar power capacities year-over-year. This growth rate has enabled India to become the third largest solar market in the world, overtaking Japan. However, what disappoints me is that growth in solar system installations has not increased solar energy adoption into electricity grids as …



Solar Power Project Auctions Continue to Plummet in Q1 2019: Drastic Changes Needed

Indian Solar power industry has shown incredible growth, showing an inspiring trajectory of growing capacities from 5 GW in 2015 to 10 GW in 2016 to ~30 GW growth in 2019. Although there is growth, we should remember that India still has to install more than 20 GW of solar energy capacity each year for …



Reasons Behind Failure of SECI’s Manufacturing Linked Solar Tenders

The Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd (SECI) has taken multiple initiatives to support and uphold Indian solar power industry and its priorities. However, its recent actions, mainly the 10 GW capacity solar project tender that came with a mandate to set up a 5 GW of manufacturing facility to win the privilege of bidding …

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