Saibal Choudhury

Smart Cities: For Energy Rich Future

The term Smart city sure does sound futuristic. But what does it mean actually? Some of us may be imagining life with androids as personal assistants, while others may be getting a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about free internet access at any place, any time. But, are we being too objective here? A smart city …

January 3, 2017

Solar energy policy in Tamil Nadu

This page outlines all the available funding and incentive schemes for solar energy in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, both at the Federal and State level. If you notice anything that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know via our contact page. Tamil Nadu is now the leading Indian state …

December 29, 2016

Growing under the Sun: Our Decade Long Journey on the Solar highway

The Indian solar industry is quickly turning into a $100 billion investment opportunity. It is quite hard to believe that India made the quantum leap from 825 KW in 2005 to today‚Äôs cumulative solar capacity of 8.06 GW. Continuous Government support was the key to this incredible energy transition. This growth story started in 2006, …

December 28, 2016

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