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“Until we regulate our needs, the environment cannot be saved from pollution. Both society and the government have a role to play in ensuring this.”

– H.K. Chaudhary

A frontrunner in the global solar industry, Vikram Solar strongly believes that respect for the environment and natural resources is intrinsic to a successful business framework. Over the years, the Company has been dedicated towards protecting the environment not only through its solar power solutions, but also through its extensive eco-friendly initiatives. Spreading environment awareness at grassroots level, the Company has always strived to conserve the environment while inspiring others to do the same for a better tomorrow.

Some of the eco-friendly initiatives of Vikram Solar include

Solar Power Kits for School Children

Vikram Solar has undertaken the initiative of educating children about the effects of global warming and the positives of using solar power through a unique method of learning. The Company has created Solar Power Kits for distribution in schools. Each Solar Kit is a compact unit complete with a solar panel, a meter that indicates charge level and sockets that allow kids to charge their mobile phones, torches, study lamps, fans etc.

This interactive way of teaching kids how easily solar power can be used to meet their daily energy requirements has been of significant success. The central idea is to pass on this knowledge of solar energy from kids to their parents to the larger community. By enlightening the next generation about global warming, the need for protecting the environment, its biodiversity and the fast depleting fossil fuel resources, Vikram Solar strives to create a brighter tomorrow.

Biogas Plant

Vikram Solar has set up a 60 metric tonne biogas plant to convert animal wastes from its technologically advanced dairy farm into renewable fuel. The fuel obtained from the plant is used for heating, electricity and many other operations including making fodder for the cows in the farm. The amount of fuel generated in this plant daily is equivalent to the fuel obtained from around eight LPG gas cylinders. Besides, the slurry from the Biogas plant is used as a natural manure for agriculture/ horticulture purpose.

Sewage Treatment Plant & Rain Water Harvesting

To control and utilize water and solid waste, a Sewage Treatment Plant of 5,50,000 KLD capacity has been installed in the complex of residential school ‘Vidyagram’ in Bahal. About 6-10 lac gallon of water treated per day is utilized by the horticulture unit and also for watering various lawns and playfield in BRCM Education Campus. Extensive measures are taken to harvest and recycle rain water by establishing rain water harvesting pits in the BRCM campus.

Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm

Established using advanced automated technology from Israel, ‘Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm’ is home to 100 cows that produce more than 700 litres of milk every day. The state-of-the-art technology aims to create a comfortable natural environment for the cows while allowing efficient milking, appropriate use/ disposal of byproducts and cleanliness of the premises.

The cows are milked efficiently with the help of the Automatic Milking Parlour Unit. A fogger or water sprinkling system has been installed in the shed to keep the temperature moderate for the cows. The shed is equipped with a Hydroponic Green Fodder System that ensures production of maize within a 7-day cycle. This maize makes a nutritious fodder for the cows.

Vikram Solar has also installed 100 kW solar power system to meet the energy requirements of the Dairy Farm.

Urmila Chaudhary dairy farm caters to the dairy requirements of the Company’s ‘Annapurna Mess’, making the process far more sustainable. A dedicated Milk Processing Unit has been set up to produce ghee that is used by the School Mess and the people of the community.

With the cattle strength on a continuous rise, there are plans to produce other quality dairy products such as paneer, butter and buttermilk in the future.

Horticulture Unit

Spread across an area of 25 acres, Vikram Solar’s well-maintained horticulture unit is a classic example of sustainable farming. The organically grown fruits and vegetables meet the daily requirements of Annapurna Mess, ensuring a healthy meal for all eating at the school canteen.

The Unit is supported by a team of farming experts from Rajasthan that ensures all unused land belonging to the company is made cultivable and the cropping intensity is maximized. Vermiculture, tree plantation and nursery development is also a part of the horticulture unit. While organic farming is on the agenda, the focus is also on producing medicinal plants such as Aloe vera, Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric etc.

Bird Centre

In its endeavor to conserve biodiversity, Vikram Solar has set up a dedicated Bird Centre in Bahal, Haryana. The Centre fosters hundreds of birds, offering them nutritious feed, clean water and veterinary care. The underlying idea is to understand, appreciate and protect the different species of birds. The Centre also ensures care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds.

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