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“Infrastructure development is vital to the progress of a community. The objective is to transform lifestyles by providing them facilities of growth.”

– H.K. Chaudhary

Dedicated towards the upliftment of the small town of Bahal in Haryana and its adjoining areas, Vikram Solar Limited undertakes extensive infrastructure development and community welfare initiatives in the region. The idea is to encourage progress of Bahal residents and make the village self-sufficient. In its endeavor to achieve this, Vikram partners with various Government bodies, NGOs and welfare organizations.

'Gramin Vikas Prakosth'

‘Gramin Vikas Prakosth’ is a unique rural development initiative that ensures 360 degree development of a village, with key focus on infrastructure development. Under this initiative, Vikram Solar, with the help of NABARD, Government of India’s rural development council, has constructed around 300 toilets across Bahal and its adjoining regions to improve the health and sanitation facilities. This has been a significant milestone in Vikram’s journey of improving infrastructure in Bahal.

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

Focussed on encouraging sports in the community, Vikram Solar has undertaken the task of managing the infrastructure and activities at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Bahal, Haryana. In addition to hosting the yearly ‘Gramin Khel Mahotsav’, the stadium also offers regular coaching classes in games like kabaddi, athletics, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, judo and boxing. Vikram’s sports initiatives have encouraged more and more girl children to take part in the sporting activities and excel in the field of sports.

'Alakh Gaushala' - Cattle Shed

With a view to offer shelter to cows and ensure their well-being, Vikram Solar has set up the ‘Alakh Gaushala’ or cattle shed in Bahal, Haryana. The Gaushala not only offers shelter to around 600-800 cows but over the years has also become an integral part of the Bahal community. While, care is taken to ensure the cows are healthy, well-fed and that medicines are administered in case of any diseases or injuries, villagers often visit the Gaushala as a social activity.

A strong believer in animal welfare, at Vikram Solar special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated in a special way. ‘Savamani’, which is a Hindu tradition of celebrating an occasion by distributing sweets among community members is followed differently here. Since the Company believes that the cattle in Gaushala is also a part of the community, it is given a treat of ‘gur’ or jaggery on such occasions.

Association with NGOs

Vikram Solar Limited is also associated with various organizations that work for the benefit of challenged and deprived children across the country. ‘Umeed Foundation’, a non-profit NGO and ‘Educare Sanjeevani Relief Trust’, an orphanage, are two such institutions that Vikram Solar actively supports. Both the organizations work holistically for emotional, psychological and social wellness of less fortunate children from in and around Kolkata.

Other welfare initiatives in Bahal:

  • Community Hall – A Community Hall has been built in Bahal to host community meetings and events.
  • Temple – ‘Devi Mandir’, a Hindu Temple, has been constructed for the people of Bahal.
  • ‘Bhajan Sandhyas’ – ‘Bhajan Sandhyas’ or religious evening get-togethers are organized for the recreation of Bahal residents.
  • Meditation – Ramachandra Mission has been built to promote spiritualism and goodness of meditation.
  • Funeral Centre – Vikram Solar has undertaken the task of managing ‘Muktidham’, the funeral centre in Bahal.
  • Sports Events – Sports events for both adults and children are organized as a part of Vikram’s community building initiatives.
  • ‘Samuhik Vivah’ – Financial assistance is provided for marriage of girls belonging to the underprivileged households. The Company also organizes ‘Samuhik Vivah’ or mass wedding functions periodically.
  • Manav Kalyan Hospital – Manav Kalyan Hospital (cross-linked to the health section), a charitable hospital, has been established and is doing exemplary work.
  • Library Facilities – The well-equipped Library founded in Bahal has helped in promoting education and knowledge among the community members.
  • Chaudhary Sarvajanik Park – A park has been created for the residents of Bahal. The Park has a walking path and lots of space for kids to play.
  • Transport Network – The Company has encouraged the Government of Haryana to upgrade and build concrete roads across Bahal and strengthen the transport network.

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Touching hundreds of lives through extensive CSR initiatives, Vikram Solar’s spirit of giving back to the society is rightly reflected in the way Bahal has been transformed. Today, Bahal is no longer a remote village in Haryana where basic amenities are a hindrance in the progress of the community. Instead, Bahal is the ‘City of Education’, it is home to modern medical establishments, infrastructure, facilities of earning a livelihood and opportunities of overall progress and well-being. The people of Bahal have access to every amenity essential for their upliftment and each resident enjoys an improved quality of life. Vikram Solar takes pride in how Bahal has emerged as a self-sufficient model village and strives to bring about many such positive changes in years to come.

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